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Sublette County can present weather conditions that make the operation of a route bus difficult or even impossible.  The transportation department is equipped with vehicles that are well designed to handle the difficult conditions and the state and county snow plows do an excellent job of clearing our roads.   Although infrequent, it may be necessary to close school due to extreme weather conditions.     


  • Buses will not transport students if it is deemed unsafe.   The decision to close schools is based on a variety of factors, but road condition and temperature are the primary considerations.  
  • SCSD 1 is a very large district and weather conditions can vary greatly throughout the district.  From the far end of the Bondurant route to the far end of the Boulder route spans a distance of 80 miles.  As a result, it may be necessary to close or modify individual bus routes on days that the district as a whole is open.  In the event that an individual bus route is closed or modified, the Transportation Department will utilize the BlackBoard Connect automated communication system to inform those affected.
  • Due to the distances traveled by our bus routes, some routes leave as early as 5:30 AM.  As a result the decisions to close school will be announced as close to 5:00 AM as possible.  If conditions warrant, the decision may be made the night before to allow parents and guardians additional time to arrange child care.  Decisions made the night before will be made prior to 11 PM.   
  • SCSD 1 relies on well trained drivers to evaluate the conditions while on the road and to make decisions with safety as the top priority and delegates authority to drivers to discontinue or modify routes as needed to ensure the safety of our students.  Drivers will radio the Transportation Department with information of such changes so that they can be communicated to parents/guardians as soon as possible.


SCSD 1 will use the following methods to communicate school closures: 

  • SCSD 1 Website Banner.
  • SCSD 1 Facebook Page
  • BlackBoard Connect Automated Communication System (text, email and phone).
The BlackBoard Connect Automated Communication System obtains parent contact information from a nightly sync with the District's Student Information System (PowerSchool).  Parents are urged to keep their contact information current in PowerSchool to receive accurate information regarding closures and route modification.

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