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Bus Rules

No Food or Drink Allowed on Bus
1.  Practice the same conduct as in the classroom.
2.  No vulgar language or gestures will be allowed.
3.  Keep bus clean
4.  No bullying.
5.  Keep the noise level down.
6.  No alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or anything that can be considered a weapon will be allowed on the bus at any time.
7.  No destructive behavior will be allowed.
8.  No Hitting, fighting on the bus. (Your hands need to be kept to yourself).
9.  Don't put anything out the windows (Hands, feet, head,etc. - trash).
10. Stay in your seats. Remain facing forward at all times.
11. Don't stand or walk, or move seats while the bus is moving.
12. Cooperate with and Respect the bus driver.
13. The driver is authorized to assign seats.
14. Remember that riding a bus is a privilege.
15. Drivers shall stop to load and unload students at authorized bus stops only.
16. If your (Child) will be riding on another bus, or going home with a friend, the parent needs to send a note for the bus driver.

FOOD NOTE:Due to the increasing enrollment in the school district and more students with potentially dangerous medical conditions, the transportation department is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of students who ride the buses.  By eliminating food and drinks students with food allergies will not be exposed to harmful allergens.  This will also avoid choking hazards.  Consequently, NO FOOD AND/OR DRINKS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE ROUTE BUSES.  Exceptions are individuals who need access to food (i.e. diabetics).  Individuals who have anything to eat or drink will be asked to put it in their backpacks while they are on the buses. 
At this time food and drinks WILL BE ALLOWED on activity and field trip buses.  Teachers, coaches, and sponsors will be informed of any potential problems that might exist.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call Kevin Warren transportation director, or Jeanette Sanborn, assistant transportation director, at 367-2130.
Kevin Warren Transportation Director Sublette County School District #1 PO Box 549 Pinedale, WY 82941 Bus Barn (307) 367-2130 Fax (307) 367-5234
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