Online Registration Instructions

7 months ago


Registration occurs through our PowerSchool portal, so be sure you have your login information to access PowerSchool. If you are having issues with your login, such as having your password reset, please call the school secretary that your student attends and they can assist you. If you need technical support, please call the technology office at 307-367-5555.

Follow the instructions below to get started with registration.


Log into PowerSchool. Click here to get to the PowerSchool portal. 


Enter your username and password to access PowerSchool. 

*Note - If your student is new to the district, be sure to contact the school secretary for your account codes to create your PowerSchool account.  Phone numbers are at the bottom of this page.


After entering PowerSchool, you will land on the page shown below. The link to register is an icon at the top of the menu on the left. When you click on that icon, a new window will open. 


You are now on a page titled “Students & Forms”. You should see your student(s) listed there. This example is blank, but you should see your student listed with their grade in the fields on this form. To continue, click on the “Registration Form” link. If you do not see one of your students listed there, please contact the building secretary for assistance.

Following the “Registration Form” link will start the registration process. There are a series of forms that you will need to verify your student(s) information on. Please be sure to check that each page is accurate and the information is correct. You will have to click the “Save Form” button at the bottom of each page to advance to the next page. 

You are done registering your student when you have reached the Confirmation page, entered your name, checked the Confirm Form is Complete box and saved the page.  

You will repeat this process for each student that you are registering for school.

Here are a few additional tips to help you as you are registering your student/students:

  1. Please enter your phone numbers and email addresses carefully. The communication platform that we use to send emails and texts directly to you, both generally and in case of emergency, uses the data you put in PowerSchool. If you enter your information incorrectly, you may not get important communications until the data is corrected. PowerSchool is very picky when it comes to phone numbers. Please use the 307-555-1234 format to enter your number.
  2. We are required to incorporate safety features into the registration process to protect your data. PowerSchool will log you out if your screen sets idle for too long. If that happens, you will need to log back in, but your progress will be saved for any page where you have clicked the “Save Form” button.
  3. If you happen to miss a step on one of the pages in the registration process, you get a warning message like the one below when you try to save that page. USE THE BACK BUTTON TO GO BACK. DON’T USE THE BACK ARROW ON YOUR BROWSER BUTTON.

School Phone Numbers:
  • Bondurant and Pinedale Elementary Schools: 307-367-2828
  • Pinedale Middle School: 307-367-2821
  • Pinedale High School and Skyline Academy: 307-367-2137