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Staff Members
  • Mission Statement
    We are committed to provide a safe environment and optimal infrastructure which supports the district’s education processes and goals.
  • Core Beliefs
    Support Services are vital for quality education.

    We are committed to continuous improvement and a team concept.

    We will work daily to support quality education.

    We are all on the education team.

    We are the silent partner in the education process.

    We are a foundation for education.
  • Actions
    We will develop and use actions and language among ourselves and our staff that support our Core Beliefs and Mission Statements.

    We will provide opportunities for cross training within departments.

    We will address turnover issues 1) Background Checks 2) training.

    We will work to improve communication with respect to all stakeholders.

Welcome to the Office of Business & Finance

over 2 years ago

Our goal is for everyday at school to be great for the staff and students.  With that in mind the staff in support services have been busy this summer working to make everything perfect for that first day and all the following days.  As all things in life somewhere we will miss the mark.  Tables will not be ordered, printers will not work, or one of a thousand things that can go wrong will.  We still strive to reach the brass ring of perfection. 

One of the new benefits for staff this year is TelaDoc.  TelaDoc uses technology to speak with a doctor online or on your phone.  The costs for the visit do apply toward your deductible.  So next time you need to speak with a doctor and fill a prescription give it a try.