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SCSD 1 Standard of Performance


  1. Exhibit a relentless and intelligently applied work ethic directed at continual improvement.

  2. Demonstrate respect for each person in the organization and the work he or she does.

  3. Be deeply committed to learning and teaching, which means increasing my own expertise.

  4. Be fair and demonstrate character.

  5. Honor the direct connection between details and the improvement process.

  6. Demonstrate self-control, especially when it counts most - under pressure.

  7. Demonstrate and value loyalty.

  8. Use positive language and have a positive attitude.

  9. Take pride in your effort as an entity separate from the results of that effort.

  10. Deal appropriately with both success and failure.

  11. Promote communication that is both open and substantive.

  12. Make achieving the organization's goals a priority, and be willing to go the extra mile for those goals.

There is no guarantee, no ultimate formula for success.  There are however, a multitude of means to increase the probability of success.  

Regardless of your specific job, it is vital to our organization that you do that job at the highest level possible.  

Our top priority is high levels of learning through high quality teaching.   We must become immersed in the inventory of skills, including  attitudinal, that will lead to improved teacher and student performance.

We must also teach ownership in the SCSD 1 Standard of Performance.   Ownership occurs within the organization when one individual and then another raises his/her commitment and performance.  We will demand and expect a lot of one another.  

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