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Volunteer Registry

9 months ago

How to become a Volunteer:

Sublette County School District #1 welcomes parent and community volunteers. We appreciate the valuable resource of a broad spectrum of insights and knowledge that enriches our programs. All parent or community members working with our students are placed in a position of trust and are required to submit paperwork for a criminal background check prior to serving as a volunteer

A Background Check, a completed registration form, along with a copy of your legal photo ID must be kept on file in the Superintendent's Office in order for you to be placed on the Volunteer Registry. Volunteers are also asked to sign the Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement promising to keep student information confidential. Because volunteers are around district computers, they must also sign the Technology Policy, promising to abide by district rules regarding the use of technology. Both or these forms are a part of the Registration Form. 

The Volunteer Registration Application can be obtained from the Superintendent's Office (Administration Bldg, at 665 N Tyler) or it can be downloaded from below, on this page. 

Please complete and sign the application and return it, in person, to the Superintendent's Office. Be sure to have your photo ID with you. We will take a copy of your ID and verify your identity. We will then provide you with directions and the proper packet to complete the Background Check. 

After you have completed the process and the Background Check Report has been received by the Superintendent's Office, your name will be placed on the Volunteer Registry which is provided to administrators and teachers. Your teacher will verify that your name is listed on the Registry before you are asked to help out. Approved volunteers must re-register after 4 years. 

There is no cost to the volunteer as the district pays for the costs and fees associated with this process.

Note: Beginning January 1, 2014, approved volunteers may remain on the Volunteer Registry for 4 years. At which time a new Background Check must be performed in order to continue as a Volunteer. 

If you have questions about the Volunteer Registry, please contact Keni Hopkins in the Superintendent's Office, at 307-367-2139