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Food Service

Nutrition, Fitness, and Wellness Services
Nutrition Services for Sublette County School District #1 serves a variety of nutritious meals with a cafeteria in the elementary school, middle school, high school/Skyline Academy.

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the School Nutrition Services Website.

Many families have been affected by the gas field and other layoffs. If this or other circumstances have affected you, we would like to invite you to apply for free or reduced price meals for your child(ren).  Qualifying applications will give your children benefits until the end of the school year, regardless of whether your income changes.

Stop by the office or call to have an application sent to you.  If you need help completing it, please don't hesitate to call.  The sooner a complete application is returned, the sooner we can see if your children are eligible and begin receiving benefits.
Every day, children show up to school tired and hungry. I’m not talking about homeless or abused children. But kids from loving homes near the Pinedale Schools whose parents don’t understand the impact of nutrition and a good night’s sleep on a student’s ability to focus and learn. Good nutrition is a necessity of life. A healthy diet enables the body to work more efficiently, improves mental health, and makes learning possible. A person who does not eat well tends to be more sedentary, depressed, and uninterested in learning. Pinedale Schools are not only providing their students with good, healthy meals, but also offer various opportunities and tips for students and parents to learn more about healthy eating. 

A number of students enrolled in Schools across the country depend on breakfast and lunch at school as their main source of nutrition. If you think you may qualify for free or reduced price meals, be sure to contact the Nutrition Office to fill out an application. They are also available on the web link listed above.  Click on the red "here" and follow the tabs.

How many children would have better focus if they ate a healthy breakfast, and stopped living on a sugar high? The mission of the Pinedale Schools Food and Child Nutrition Services is to enhance the learning and health of children by nourishing their bodies and minds through healthy, nutritious meals that meet or exceed the Federal requirements set forth by the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs. It’s about time that districts recognize that holistic health impacts learning.

Wake Up to Breakfast


Today's parents often have as many assignments as their school-aged children. Getting dressed, searching for a briefcase, adding last minute details to an important presentation often mean a marginal breakfast on the run--or worse, no breakfast at all for the entire family.


No matter how busy you are in the morning, it's still important to include breakfast in your daily plans.  Research indicates that breakfast-eaters are less likely to suffer from fatigue, irritability and inability to concentrate through the day.  They also seem to get more accomplished in a day and are more eager to learn.  Students who eat breakfast tend to have higher test scores and have better physical coordination and stamina throughout the day, resulting in fewer accidents.  Individuals who eat breakfast tend to have higher intakes of several essential nutrients, including vitamins C and D and calcium. 


So, as you plan your day, make time for breakfast.  It's easy to include--even with a busy schedule.  It just takes a few extra minutes and a little planning.  It can even prove to be a fun family affair. 


Amazing as it sounds, including breakfast in your day can be an enriching part of family life.  Breakfast can be a family project which enhances time together, increases communication among family members and strengthens a "working together"-"TeamNutrition" philosophy.


Try These Ideas

            *  Assign each family member a specific day for making breakfast.

            *  Discuss new, creative ideas for breakfast fare.

            *  Have family members time themselves making breakfast (practice on the weekend) to see who has the quickest                time.

            *  Hold a family "shake-off" to see who can create the tastiest breakfast shake.  Try milk, frozen orange juice and                   strawberries or milk, a banana and peanut butter.


Whether planning breakfast for the family or individual, remember to use all the food groups--milk and other dairy     foods, meat and other protein foods, grains, fruits and vegetables as a guideline.  Try to include at least three of the food groups to ensure that you are including the nutrients your body needs for a great start to your day.


Tips For Eating On the Go

            *  Choose on-the-go fruits like apples, bananas. Kiwi (you can eat the skin), plums, grapes, peaches, pears etc.

            *  Bring milk and other beverages in a sipper cup to avoid spills.

            *  Use leftovers in creative ways:  leftover waffles as a sandwich, fruit salad in a pita pocket.

            *  Use portable foods:  string cheese, bagels.

            *  Use edible containers:  pita pockets, ice cream cones, hot dog buns.

            *  Keep non-perishables--like cereals, bagels, and muffins--in your desk at work and supplement with perishables                   bought from home or purchase from vending machines (juice, milk, fresh fruit etc.)


Don’t Forget:  The School Breakfast Program is offered daily for $1.50 for ES or $1.75 for MS/HS per meal.

Our prices for this year will be:

Breakfast: $1.50 for Elementary and $1.75 for MS/HS Extra breakfast items will be $1.00 cents each. Breakfast is served daily from 7:45-8:00 at elementary and daily at the MS cafeteria 7:30-7:45  and High School Breakfast served in the commons area from 7:15-7:45 each day.

Lunch: $2.55 for Elementary, $2.70 for MS, and $2.80 for HS students. Online payments are now available under quick links above - pay for stuff - on this website.

School meals are a convenience to parents and can rest assured that your children are receiving well balanced, nourishing meals.  Think of all the time saved by not having to pack a lunch or feed kids breakfast at home. 

Visit our website for serving times and menus.  You can also view your student’s meal balance from the home page.  Click on the View Your Child’s Lunch Balance and log in with your ID’s.

Come join us anytime to see for yourself that quality and service are not compromised here. Please call us by 8:30 so we can adequately prepare for our extra guests. 367-2828.

We embrace the challenge of change, learning, growing and making the best even better! We remain committed to providing only the highest quality food and service as we help nourish the future leaders of our homes, city, state and nation. Our self-service health bar empowers students to make healthy choices by seeing what daily healthy choices look like. We continue to promote learning by creating healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

For more detailed information click "here"  for more information about our programs.

We look forward to serving you and your students this year! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 367-2447 if you have any questions or concerns.

Delighted to Serve,

Gail Wilkerson                                                                              
Director of Nutrition Services