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Middle School Parent Advisory


A group of parents who meet on a quarterly basis to discuss issues of importance to the entire school community and is a representative body that provides the perspective of parents to the PMS administration.

The middle school Parent Advisory Committee is used to gauge the effectiveness of our communication with the public, to improve specific programs, and to gain an understanding of the public perceptions of our school.  When we have new initiatives/programs such as grading, ABC, etc., this group provides feedback in order for us to understand the level of parental support.

If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact the middle school office at 367-2821.

The following PMS parents have signed up as participants in the PMS Parent Advisory Committee:

  1. Laura Hattan
  2. April Rogers
  3. Cindi Berrett
  4. Janet Montgomery
  5. Jennifer Hayward
  6. Karina Grover 
  7. Kelli Hansen 
  8. Lauri McClain 
  9. McClain, Lauri 
  10. Melissa Harrison 
  11. Michael Gregory 
  12. James Westercamp
  13. Jennifer Zook