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District Steering Committee

The District Steering Committee (DSC) advises the Superintendent regarding curriculum change.  The DSC will be comprised of administrators and curriculum committee chairs.   The Board of Trustees establishes a DSC and grants it the authority to make professional decisions, which it recommends to the superintendent, pertaining to curriculum, instruction, assessment and student learning. 

The following SCSD 1 personnel serve on the District Steering Committee:

Jay Harnack, Superintendent                       Chairman, Administrator for Fine Arts Committee
Cristy Anspach, PES Teacher                        Fine Arts Committee Chair
Greg Legerski, PES Principal                        Administrator for Math Committee
Denise Hastings, PES Math IF                       Math Committee Chair
Jeremy Qualls, PHS Principal                       Administrator for Language Arts Committee
Rose Robertson, PHS Teacher                      Social Studies Chair
Brian Brisko, PHS Assistant                          Administrator for Foreign Language Committee
Debi Hutta, PES Teacher                              Language Arts Co-Chair  
Michele Valdes, Inst. Facilitator                   Language Arts Co-Chair
Jeryl Fluckiger, PMS Principal                      Administrator for Science Committee 
Michael Gregory, PHS Teacher                     Science Committee Chair
Jonathon Fildery, PMS Teacher                    Health / PE Committee Chair
Angie Murphy, Special Services Director       Administrator for Vocational Education Committee
Chery Travis, PMS Teacher                          Vocational Education Committee Chair
Janel Scurlock, PES Assistant Principal         Administrator for Health/PE Committee  
Eric Makelkey, Skyline Academy Principal     Administrator for Social Studies Committee